The Scientific Committee are pleased to announce the opening of the Call for Abstracts of the XXIII ESRS Congress to be held in Vaasa, Finland 17-21 August 2009.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the congress, please decide which Working Group you would like to be in, and send a title and short abstract (circa 200 - 250 words) to the convenor of that Working Group.

Philip Lowe

EXTENDED DEADLINE for sending abstracts. New deadline is March 14, 2009.


Call for Abstracts (printable version of all WGs) [pdf] 761K

Call for Abstracts flyer [pdf]

Furher exploration of the five main congress themes

theme 1: Mobilities and stabilities in rural space
1.1 The Changing Face of Rural Areas: Labour Immigration to the Countryside
1.2 Geographic Mobility and its Impacts on Rural Community Structure and Change
1.3 Globalization and Rural Europe: Social Economic and Cultural Impacts
1.4 (Un) Real Rural? - Reinventing Rural Areas in Europe through Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Tourism
1.5 Rural-Urban Relationships: Mobilities and Stabilities of the Rural-Urban Fringe
1.6 Tourism in a Rural Setting: Opportunities and Challenges
1.7 Multifunctional Rural Landscapes: Between the Local and the Global, Between the Social and the Natural
1.8 Reframing and Reconfiguring Agricultural, Rural and Food Polices
1.9 Regional Differentiation and the Distribution of Rural Welfare
theme 2: The rural bites back
2.1 Being in the Rural: Affordances, Affects and the 'Nature of Rurality'
2.2 The Global Economic Crisis: Prospects for Business Clusters and Industrial Districts in Rural Areas
2.3 The New Productivism: Agricultural Responses to Increasing Food and Energy Prices and Climate Change
2.4 Gendered and Embodied Ruralities
2.5 Govering the Local? Rural Power, Rural Needs and Rural Policy
2.6 Conventionalisation? Organic Farmers Bite Back!
2.7 Beyond the boundaries - Exploring the Rural in Contested Contexts
Local Food Networks, Power and Sustainability
theme 3: Animal Farm
3.1 Sustainable Hunting - a Socioeconomic Tool for Revitalising Rural Areas?
3.2 Animal Policy and Law
3.3 Equine Landscapes and the New Equine Industry
3.4 Peoples' Ambivalence Towards Animal Farming: Where Modern Concerns and Desires Collide
3.5 Critter Countrysides
theme 4: the sciences of the rural
4.1 Rural Experts and Rural Expertise
4.2 Rural Sociology: Knowledge for whom?
4.3 Rural Challenges: Resilience, Learning and Adaption
4.4 Social and Natural Science Collaboration in the (Re)Making of the Rural: Problems, Practices and Cultures
4.5 Putting Rurality on the Map: GIS as an Analytical and Integrative Tool in Rural and Regional studies
4.6 Identifying Diversified Values and Meanings of Agrobiodiversity
4.7 Inventing Sustainable Agriculture? Alternative Agricultures, Agricultural Sciences and Social Movements
4.8 Embeddeness of Rural Enterprises - Developing Integrative Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Rural Innovation and Development
4.9 How Can ICTs - Particularly Next Generation Broadband Access - Contribute to the Sciences of the Rural?
theme 5: Sustainable Ruralities
5.1 Towards Sustainable Forestry? Innovations for Institutional Adaption in Forest Policy and Management
5.2 Rural Businesses and Sustainable Ruralities
5.3 Temporary Organisations and Rural-Urban Relations: Can Long-term Sustainability Goals be Achieved Through Short-term Interventions?
5.4 What is Culturally Sustainable Development?
5.5 Is Rural Europe Really Old? Demographical Dynamics – Social Impacts
5.6 Twenty Years On: Eastern European Countrysides in Processes of Change
5.7 Sustainable Fishing Communities: Transformations, Contradictions and the Challenges for Governance
5.8 Sustainable Ruralism

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University of Vaasa
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